The Original Leggings Liner

The Original Leggings Liner

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12 Liners
The first ever undie-alternative that goes directly into your leggings! Say goodbye to lines, bulges, sweaty crotch, infections/discomfort, and constant hot-washing

We take our responsibilities seriously: Our responsibility to the earth is to make this eco-friendly and biodegradable. Skimpies come with less waste than a trip to tinkle. Our responsibility to your tush is to keep it stare-able, for all the right reasons. We got you, girl!

No more undie-lines.
Better hygiene.
No more wasteful washings.
Ur tight taught tush ;)

The front goes in the front, the back goes in the back. Just roll down those leggings a touch and lay the sticky part down in the seem.

Easy breezy, no fuss no muss.

The Original Leggings Liner. An undie alternative that goes directly into your leggings! Commando look of cotton comfort. Leave panty lines behind!

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